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Our Services:

Window Cleaning


  • Exterior Only Window Cleaning 
  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning
  • Water fed pole and water purification system allows us to safely clean exterior windows from ground level.
  • Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable, Pet & Child Safe Cleaning Solutions.
  • Extra services include window track deep cleaning (vacuum, wash, and detail each track), screen washing, and hard water stain removal treatment.

Pressure Washing


*Professional grade tools, equipment and cleaning solutions that remove dirt, moss, algae and other contaminates from:

  • Driveways 
  • Walkways
  • Decks
  • And More...

Gutter Cleaning


*Clogged gutters can lead to damage to your gutters and, if left unchecked, overflow and damage the foundation of your home.  We clear your gutters and downspouts of all debris and flush them with water to make sure they are working properly.

Gutter Washing & Brightening


*This is an extra service where we apply a brightening agent and cleaner with a soft brush and then wash the exterior of your gutters.

House & Exterior Soft Washing


*First we walk around the exterior of your property and protect your landscaping by watering them thoroughly and tape off any electrical fixtures or outlets.  Then we gently wash your house using a low pressure truck mounted system.  Our cleaning solution removes dirt, algae and moss safely and effectively.

Roof Cleaning, Soft Washing & Moss Treatment


  • We gently blow off loose debris plus ground cleanup
  • Water down and protect surrounding plants and surfaces
  • Apply cleaning solution on roof using a low pressure and high volume truck mounted soft wash system. 
  • Moss turns white or brown and slowly will dissolve and deteriorate over time.
  • Our cleaning solution will eliminate all black/green algae stains (Gloeocapsa Magma) at the time of application. Antifungal agent remains on the roof after our treatment to limit re-growth of these organisms. 

Solar Panel Cleaning


*Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in the Seattle area.  They are beneficial in many ways, because they help save you money on your energy bill.  Overtime these solar panels can and will collect dirt and other pollutants that not only effect the curb appeal of your property, but also the efficiency of your solar panels.  We use safe cleaning solutions, our water purification system and water fed poles to clean your solar panels.

Post Construction Cleanup


*After a construction project or remodel you need someone to clean your windows.  Let us take the stress off of you and let us take care of your post construction cleanup needs.

Commercial Window Cleaning


The cleanliness of your business can tell a great amount to your perspective customers.  We understand that you have a tight schedule.  We can set up a maintenance plan that will keep your business looking it’s best.  We service:

  • Storefronts
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Doctor & Dental Offices
  • Coffee Shops 
  • And Much More...